Scarcity mentality

Plant the seed of scarcity in her mind. It will drive her crazy and want you even more

When you are not there when she needs you, she will be grateful when you finally are there.

You will have more to talk about.

Dread – “Where has he been, what has he done”

Independence – “He doesn’t need me…”

Works with everyone. Friends, plates, family…

Think of the other extreme: Living together, it is not easy to attract her everyday and living together is the death of most relationships.


When a girl wants to see you again, get your mobile out, check the calendar, pretend that you got a tight schedule. Ask he what about next week . When she says great, say something like “Good, actually I have time nearly every/every second . And you got a fix date every (second) week.



Don’t give a fuck, state your opinion.

He who questions controls the conversation.

Escalating and Kino

Never miss a chance to escalate.


Example: You go outside a club, talk to a girl, your friends come out and tell you that they want to fetch something to eat. Don’t just say goodbye and follow your friends. Make out with her and then go eating. Don’t forget to take her number.

Insecure, you are not sure if she wants it? Do it anyways. Insecurity is your worst enemy. Your mindset should always be: “She wants me!”

Kino, or how to start escalating properly.

Touch her casually, then always go closer to more inappropriate spots, then make out with her, touch her inner tights and go closer and closer, then finger her through her pants. She will stop you when you are too fast. Read her body language to find out if she fears saying no, if she does go slower.

There is tons of stuff about kino already:


Some people managed to overcome approach anxiety but don’t manage to go further. The best advice to destroy approach anxiety is get rejected on purpose 10 times a day. So escalate 10 times a week.

If you followed my blog you would already know that a relationship never should stall because attraction has an expiration date. So always push forward till you are at the goal.

Body Language

The way you carry yourself is very important. When you love yourself and have a high self esteem you just walk better, move slower, head up etc.


Lifting is a great way to improve your posture. In my city the only people who have a good walk are black people. Hands down, palms are locking backwards, the hands and arms move smoothly in a rhythm with their movement. The upper body is leaned a bit backwards. The shoulders are not inverted – use more space. And the most important thing: It starts at the hips, they move their hips more when walking. I even started a dancing course to have a better stance, posture, walk. Great advantage: I am a great dancer now. Dancing is just like sex, the more confident you are the better you are.

Small trick on the side: When you are in a social situation and know everyone on your table, make sure next to you is a free space. So when a girl walks by and you talk to her you can offer her a seat and don’t have to move away.


I love it, before this ebook came out I think (didn’t test, but I feel better) I increased my T levels with eating, HIIT and good sleep.

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