Become a superhuman

Strategic planning!

  1. “What do we do?” – Being awesome.
  2. “For whom do we do it?” – For us.
  3. “How do we excel? – Never giving up, always working on ourselves.

Mission – Why do we exist: Maximizing happiness

Vision – What we want to be: A superhuman.

Operational planning: How do we reach the goals of our strategic planning.

Over the next 6 weeks I will complete several challenges. – Not online yet, I just invent some numbers.

  1. 100 Push ups
  2. 200 Sit ups
  3. 200 squads
  4. 150 dip ups
  5. 25 pull ups
  6. 30 Minutes of running

I can start at week 3 at all challenges, but since I combine them I will start it simple. The pull-ups will probably be the hardest one. Since tall people are 30% heavier but only 20% stronger than small people. Nevertheless I will manage it.

Finally I will push myself to learn this.

+ I will write with my not dominate hand more.

Goals should be SMART so.

  • Specific – Physical and mental improvement
  • Measurable – Did I complete the challenges, can I speed read?
  • Assignable – Who will do it? …
  • Realistic – Sure.
  • Time-related – in 6 weeks.

I dare you to do something similar.

Edit: Not realistic at all, running while building muscles is impossible. I just repeat Week 3 of these challenges now till I don’t struggle anymore. Probably shouldn’t have started everything on the same day.


Body Language

The way you carry yourself is very important. When you love yourself and have a high self esteem you just walk better, move slower, head up etc.


Lifting is a great way to improve your posture. In my city the only people who have a good walk are black people. Hands down, palms are locking backwards, the hands and arms move smoothly in a rhythm with their movement. The upper body is leaned a bit backwards. The shoulders are not inverted – use more space. And the most important thing: It starts at the hips, they move their hips more when walking. I even started a dancing course to have a better stance, posture, walk. Great advantage: I am a great dancer now. Dancing is just like sex, the more confident you are the better you are.

Small trick on the side: When you are in a social situation and know everyone on your table, make sure next to you is a free space. So when a girl walks by and you talk to her you can offer her a seat and don’t have to move away.


I love it, before this ebook came out I think (didn’t test, but I feel better) I increased my T levels with eating, HIIT and good sleep.

Here I tackled it before:

Tucker Max ebook:

Getting in shape

For a man with high testosterone it is nearly impossible to become fat. And very easy to get lean or shaped.

High testosterone has many benefits like:

  • Higher muscle mass
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improved cognition
  • Decreased risk of osteoporosis
  • Increased libido
  • Better insulin management

Resource mining:


Start HIIT ->

Consider intermittent fasting:

Eat more zinc, vitamin D, eat less sugar – in short start a paleo diet –

You will get fitter and happier. Signing up for a gym membership and starting to lift should be considered, big pectoral muscles and a huge biceps are better than a six pack!