Attraction has an expiration date and girl game

Attraction lessens over time. Girls will think you are not interested and feel like you turned them down, thats not a nice feeling, so they will hate you.

Realize when a girl wants to game you and stop the thoughts of insecurity.

Pretty much always when girls start to talk to you it is an opener:

You are at the club. You are walking around or sitting talking to a friend. All of a sudden a group (2-6) of wild HBs appears. They need a photo of themselves right now and they need you to take it. Bullshit. They don’t need a photo, this is the go to girl opener.

Good response: Make a selfie and say:”That will be 25€, you can pay in cash or drinks”

Chameleon strategy: feigning interest to get a relationship. Once they have you comfortable and happy they usually stop the act and start becoming bitchy and demanding. So when you want a LTR always look out!

The I am here or staring: Often see girls checking me out, following me and staying within eye sight. Looking at me hopefully and needy. Some even say something to me and I pretend that I didn’t hear them, so they either get closer or change their pose. When that failed they feel like getting rejected and write me off.

This whole attraction has an expiration date is also the reason so many guys get stuck in the friendzone, act quick!


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