Some Quotes

“You won’t have big success unless you take big risks.”

What would you say to/about the contention that game is pussy-centric and thus bluepill, because it measures success and even manhood by the behaviour/approval of women?

Would would you say about the contention that being rich is money-centric and thus bluepill, because it measures success and manhood by the approval of getting cash?

All I know is that having a plan to get pussy and cash yields pussy and cash. I like both, and I will get both regardless if some guy on the internet thinks otherwise.

I have a belief that “if it’s easy, it’s not worth doing.” What kind of man would you be if that popped into your head every day? I found that when I worked really hard at something and succeeded, the reward was amazing—it provided a great high. To duplicate that high, I have to keep pushing myself. One success builds upon the next.

Some quotes, I think most of them are from Roosh V