Game of da hoez, by some pimp

1) Make them depend on you in all things. In this way, you have power over them – and power is control.

2) Make them understand that you don’t need them, that they need you and that they are replaceable. Never let them know if you need sexual favors from them.

3) Never let anyone get away with anything. Once they feel they can get away with something, they will always scheme against you.

4) No matter how much you like them or care for them, never trust them. Remember the line from Scarface: “Who do I trust? Me – That’s who”.

5) Always stay two steps ahead of the women.

6) Never let them know the extent of your plans – but you should always stay abreast of theirs.

7) Ensure that you own their minds, their bodies and their souls. Be sure to periodically test those limits.

8) Separate your business dealings from your family and from your enemies – for you cannot trust them.

9) Remain up-to-date with all current developments. Maintain a network of informants and spies to facilitate this

10) Give respect when respect is due

If you follow these rules, you should excel at your profession.

Sound advice, my friends. Sound advice

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