Jedi Game

First you must unlearn what you have learned. Everything everyone ever told you about women, unlearn it.

The force, is within you, use it, till it enlightens everyone around you. All you have to do is realize that you can rule the world. You must love yourself more than anything else.

Make use of the Halo effect. When a girl sees me she knows what she will get when she fucks me, my walk, my posture, my words, they all say the same thing. This guy is a price. IOIs left and right, without even talking to a girl are common. Thanks to the Halo effect. Shine bright!

Now you can learn your natural game, not from books or looking what others do, but by going out there and flirting. That is the only way to establish a natural game, is it wrong to call it game? All you do is sell yourself, you do not fake anything.

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