Always think of yourself as the hottest guy on earth

I don’t just think that I am the greatest guy on earth, I know that and I live that. And it works. I even would become gay if there was a perfect doppelganger of me.


+ it makes you pretty narcissistic and always wanting more. That could be one of the reasons I love to approach girls so much. Every time a girl looks at me and starts smiling I think that would be a great start for a romantic movie.


Misunderstanding most of what girls say for “I want your dick/You make me wet” is great and you won’t have second thoughts about her intentions. And you will miss less chances. It could happen that you think: “She said that because she wants to friendzone me”. But it could also be that she sucks at flirting. So don’t miss the chance. Another great side effect is coming over cocky.

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