Be yourself

We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves. -Galileo Galilei


As I said before “be yourself”, the real you, the one you have locked up in your mind and never let out because you thought the world wants a different you.

Being yourself probably has not worked in the past years. This is because the mainstream media advice on dating is fucked up. Instead of living out your sexuality you tried to hide that you want to have sex with your date/friend. You suppressed your true self. How often did you sit next to a women and wanted to kiss her but didn’t do it because it would come off too pushy? She probably just waited for you to do it. Since girls are not allowed to make the first step.

You have been told women can’t be wrong, women don’t like sex, women are always right/nice/cute. Lies, every single one. You have been deceived to believe that. Every women who behaved differently was the exception. Instead of building your own opinion you adopted the one that has been shoved into your mind all the time. You didn’t think for yourself. You want women to be more than they are. They are just humans, but get treated like angels way too often. The man who doesn’t treat her like an angel is different, new, exciting. Don’t put a women on a pedestal, anyone on a pedestal has no other choice but to look down on you. Women love an honest man. You are not yourself when you think she is better than you and deserves everything for free. You are yourself when you think that she wants you, when you have no feelings of insecurity.


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