The Red Pill

I will write some stuff and hope to unplug some people. +Heavy resource mining, great links I find will be posted.


I am a natural and it is hard for me to understand what I am doing and why it works. It just works. But I will try to articulate, explain what I do and how to become a bit like me. I had decent success with friends in my past so I hope to unplug you too.


I don’t lift, but I am very attractive, alpha, have an abundance mentality, I am indifferent to the outcome of an approach. But people say that lifting doesn’t help at picking up women, only at building the right attitude (confident) and improve your posture.

I never read up on game because I fear that it will destroy my natural game, but it worked for many people so when I find a good link I will post it.

You are your own lucksmith, everything is up to you. A good lucksmith seizes every opportunity, and bends it to his advantage, so that he gets the most fun out of it.

Be the best man you can be! As a man your happiness is your responsibility. Not taking responsibility for your actions, blaming it on others is just stopping you from growing. Maximizing happiness is the ultimate goal of everyone.


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